Monday, May 18, 2009

Today, Navy ethics training. Tomorrow, the world. Well, at least the City and all its offerings for what promises to be another successful New York Fleet Week. Over one hundred Fleet Week support team members have descended upon NYC, including active duty, government civilians and reserves. The one training topic that proves critical in ensuring continued Fleet Week success? A lesson in our Navy Ethos.

Now ethics training isn't exactly what I consider the most riveting topic I've had to learn, but I'd be remiss not to mention that it makes me very proud to be part of an organization that, I believe, not only practices but embodies the code of ethics that we are taught. Do I consider myself an ethically-obsessed military member, constantly thinking and rethinking my every action as if the weight of the world rested upon my own moral, mortal judgement (sorry, OJAG)? Hardly. But I think it's the common thread that binds every Sailor to what we hold near and dear to our hearts. And that's the privilege to serve our nation as a member of the United States Navy.

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