Saturday, February 13, 2010

I consider myself extremely fortunate that I had an opportunity to observe some New York culture firsthand by attending the Fashion for Relief Haiti benefit fashion show last night. Not only was it for a good cause, to raise money for CARE, which it did to the tune of a very respectable $100,000 in ticket sales (see exhibit A below), but it also occurred during NYFW's final stint at the indelible Bryant Park before it moves permanently to Lincoln Center next fall. Hosted by Sarah Ferguson, the Dutchess of York, and super model Naomi Campbell, the event most definitely fulfilled my every expectation, and then some. Yes, I may have had to pay my own way into this insider's glimpse of the New York fashion industry, but in doing so I am very proud to have supported CARE, a humanitarian organization dedicated expressly to assist women and children.

Like most, I am drawn to the pageantry that surrounds and is New York Fashion Week. Below I offer my insight-by-way-of-photo essay on this extraordinary part of New York culture. All photos (except one) by NYCNavygirl.

Exhibit A: Proof I had a legitimate seat at the event! And for a good cause.

It was kind of crazy outside the main tent at BP just before the show.

Robin and I inside the main tent. I'm wearing my first designer label dress ever, a Roberto Cavalli consignment find. This is the photo not by NYCNavygirl, but by the nice lady who sat in section A, row 10, seat 8.

One of the women of the evening, Sarah Ferguson, the Dutchess of York. She kicked-off the show with a message of why we were there, to support CARE through Fashion for Relief Haiti.

Fran Lebowitz. I didn't find her comments particularly memorable, but maybe that's just me.

My best action shot of the runway all evening.

And the other woman of the evening, Naomi Campbell.

This model fell on the runway not once, but twice on her very first pass. I later learned that she was famous "It" model Agyness Deyn.

Donna Karan. Lovely.

My favorite moment of the show, when the American matriarchs of the fashion world strutted their stuff. DVF passes DK ... priceless!

This woman was the most entertaining to watch, she walked down the catwalk backward!

With that head of hair, how could she not have fun?

She's still at it ... with style.

Salute to Alexander McQueen.

End of show, appropriately in FFRH tees.

A side note: Twice that night I was asked for my photo by members of the paparazzi, once while standing outside the BP main tent and once during the preshow cocktail reception just inside the entrance. On both occasions I was caught completely off-guard and felt utterly ill-prepared to "strike a pose," the second photographer even offered me subtle instruction by coming out from behind the lens and emphatically jutting his hip, hand in place. I was so surprised I found myself struggling to stifle a smile because I didn't know what else to do (isn't smiling in such situations not cool?). I have yet to see either image emerge on the web, so I'm guessing that tactic didn't serve me well.

Living in New York, I certainly have been randomly asked for my picture before, but only while in uniform and even then only during Fleet Week (oh look, there's a girl one! I remember one overzealous tourist shout from across the street before rushing up to me and asking for a photo with her husband last year). This, however, was completely different, because I was being asked for my photograph for the personal choices I had made in getting dressed for the evening and not for the novelty of the uniform. Yes, next year when I am out of the Navy I know that, to an extent, I will miss that novelty. But for now at least, I am still a woman in uniform, and I cannot even begin to describe what a huge compliment it was for me to be asked for a snapshot while in my "civvies."

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